Waidangong Experience Testimony 2

Waidangong is originated from China and is a kind of peaceful Chinese Qi Gong Exercise based upon the philosophy of Moralist and Chinese medicine.

Waidangong Experience Testimony 2

Waidangong Experience Testimony - Waidangong Restored My Eyesight and Memory by Lui Pak Ser [ 刘伯舵 ] - TaiwanWaidangong Experience Testimony - Waidangong Restored My Eyesight and Memory by Lui Pak-ser [ 刘伯舵 ] - Taiwan. This testimony was extracted from Taiwan Waidangong Mag No.4 page 35.

One day in December, 1977, I suddenly lost my eyesight and memory. I went to the Hospital of the Armed Forces in Taipei for a checkup and it was found that three blood vessels in the brain responsible for eyesight and memory suffered from sclerosis. After being treated by the hospital for one hundred days, I was told by the doctors that there was no medicine available to cure my illness.

Being desperate, I left the hospital and consulted many doctors of both Chinese and Western medicine, but my illness remained the same. I even asked the Buddha and other gods for help, and there was no response at all. During the following four years. I spent about US$25,000 to no avail.

In January198l, a friend of mine told me that many people’s with chronic diseases had been cured by Waidangong [ 外丹功 ], a Chinese kungfu which helps arouse one’s innate Qi, and urged me to learn it. Following his advice, I went to Sheng-li Elementary School in Pingtung to learn it from the instructor Mr. Lan Kung Hwa. But five months later, there was no improvement in my health. I was somewhat disappointed and stopped practicing it. After an interval of two months, my interest revived and I resumed my practice of Waidangong [ 外丹功 ]. Every morning I went to Sheng-li Elementary School to learn it from Mr. Lan, and with great patience, he taught me how to practice it. One month later, I found to my surprise that the innate Qi in my body was activated and my eyes could see people and read newspapers again.

Right now my health is improving steadily. I would like to thank the great master of Waidangong [ 外丹功 ] Chang Chi-tung (张志通大师) and the instructor Mr. Lan Kung Hwa for helping me regain my health. Without them I could never taste the joy of life again.

I first began practicing Waidangong [ 外丹功 ] in the fall of 1981. I met my Waidangong [ 外丹功 ] teacher, Kai Ma, quite by accident. I’d enrolled in an introductory course of Chinese Mandarin. Once a week our teacher asked the students what part of Chinese culture they were interested in. I mentioned Kung Fu, and she told me her husband, Kai, practiced a form of Kung Fu. After talking to him on several occasions, he told me he would teach me the beginning, unsure of the effects it would have on me since I was so young (16 years old at the time).

I had been practicing Tai Chi Chuan [ 太极拳 ] for a number of years, but I found the visual effects of Qi movement in Waidangong [ 外丹功 ] very unusual. Because no verbal explanation was given, I had to imitate my teacher, when I stopped trying, I began to tremble.

Following are some of the sensation felt in the different gestures.

Preparing gesture - After the preparing gesture I feel very comfortable.

My skin feels alive and my body feels very soft. My arms, especially my fingers, feel “pumped up”, or very “full”. When practicing I fond at certain times as if the Qi is pushing up against my lower Spine.

After this it does so in my neck and sometimes along the top of my head. My feet also feel strange.

Turtle breathing - Sometimes while turtle breathing I feel as if I no longer need to breathe. Although the duration of this feeling is not very long it is a unique feeling. I feel some Qi moving when I breathe out more than when I breathe in. It feels almost like warm water flowing upwards, especially in the region of the middle back.

Disclaimer: The materials provided herewith are intended for reference by Waidangong [ 外丹功 ] trained students. The author is not responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any injury which may occur through following the descriptions while practicing Waidangong [ 外丹功 ].