Waidangong Experience Testimony 1

Waidangong is originated from China and is a kind of peaceful Chinese Qi Gong Exercise based upon the philosophy of Moralist and Chinese medicine.

Waidangong Experience Testimony 1

Waidangong Experience Testimony - How Waidangong Heal my String of Health Problems by Chan Siew Chin [ 曾秀贞 ] - Singapore.Waidangong Experience Testimony - How Waidangong Heal my String of Health Problems by Chan Siew Chin [ 曾秀贞 ] - Singapore.

I use to experience constant lower backache for the past 15 years and causes me to lead a stagnant and lethargic life and the end result - obesity; which eventually lead to more health problems. In order to improve my health I have decided to invest my time to take up a serious exercise of any kind to prevent degeneration of the body.

I was on herbal medication for a string of health problem for more than a decade and have stopped all medication since April 2006.

It was pure coincidence that I ended up in the Waidangong [ 外丹功 ] class. Having started blindly in August 2005 I have not regretted nor turned back since. In fact it benefited me so much more than I have expected. Now I am more focused, relaxed and have better memory and also less temperamental.

The process of learning in the initial couple of months were not easy, the price to pay was muscle aches and pains after each Waidangong session. This was basically due to the fact that all these muscles were stiff and under utilized due to my lethargic life style.

The encouragements from shi jie(s)师姐们 and with their patience, demonstration and explanation pulled me through those beginners' tough time. The movement were corrected by the shi jie(s)师姐们 and the positive effect explained. It was through these explanations that I realized that most of the movement will free me from aches and pains. I memorized and felt the pull of that particular muscle/area and put in extra effort during my own practice to correct my mistake by imitating and recapping that feeling I had when I was being corrected by shi jie(s)师姐们.

Relaxing the muscles and body were emphasized during Waidangong session. I slowly learned to let go my tense muscles and now I am more relax.

It was during the stay-in camp in May this year that I've learnt and understood more of the nature of Waidangong [ 外丹功 ] art form and the goodness it offers. That prompted me to push myself further and now I normally have half an hour of extra practice on the 'da xian he bu' 大仙鹤步 before the start of each lesson. On the few weekdays' evenings, I will also be improving on the movement during my spare time as well.

The fruits of my labor are:

Initially the flow of the Qi was sensed at the fingers. Thereafter the palms became warm. Slowly the Qi could be felt at the feet and flowing gradually intensifying with warmest in the centre of each foot. On the two rare occasions and in a completely relaxed stage (both in mind and body) the Qi travels from the foot upwards till it reaches the scalp, this was indeed a heavenly feeling.

My block artery - I was also diagnosed with a block artery in my heart 4 years ago and thank God it was not life threatening anymore.

Fruit of the labour - The flow of the Qi helps regulate the flow of the blood through the body. Coupled with the help of the hand massage on the meridian points the chest cavity relaxes and heart beat slows down. Prior to Aug 2005, my heart will be pounding heavily during household chore but no longer now.

My eyes - A couple of years ago, an injury in my right eye caused my eye to twitch with pain very often, at times everyday. It may last for hours and I will not be able to open my right eye during this period. I even had to resort to use eye patch to keep the eye closed to resume my daily routine. I was told by the doctor that it was an intermittent reaction in my veins and no medication was available, hence, I just have to live with it.

Fruit of the labour - The pain in my right eye came less often though it was not completely healed. I only had the pain a couple of times for the past months. It was the "tuo tian an di gong" 托天按地功 and the "yan qiu yun dong" 眼球运动 which helps to strengthen the artery and relaxes the eyes that brought about this good result.

In the early nineteen nineties I was diagnosed that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS) [ 多囊卵巢综合症 ], my right ovary was swollen and growth of 3 fibroids were detected, the biggest being 3.1cm. No surgery was needed as I did not feel any pain. I was put on herbal medication. The following adverse effect resulted from POS:

Lower back pain - when I'm in pain I would be walking bent double at the waist like a person twice my age.

Fruit of the labour - As pointed out by shijie 师姐 the 'pong zhu lujing gong" 捧珠入觐功 will help with the lower abdomen area "so practice more" she said. I did this and put extra effort on this movement and my condition has improved tremendously. I only feel uncomfortable on the lower back on occasions when I'm sitting for long period but there would not be any pain. This will be corrected by straightening and stretching my backbone.

Obesity - I was told that I will not be able to trim off excess weight if my POS problem does not improve. The main reason I started the serious exercise routine was to shed these excess kilograms.

Fruit of the labour - When I noticed some weight lost after the initial months of practice, I was delighted and put in even more effort to reach my ideal weight. This was made possible coupled with my controlled and changed diet.

The practice of  Waidangong [ 外丹功 ] yields so much positive results for me and it was the most sensible investment I've made. I believe that many years from now, I will continue to enjoy good health.

I'm very grateful for the time and effort contributed by shi jie(s) 师姐们 and shi xiong 师兄 for their selfless commitment to promote the art of Waidangong [ 外丹功 ] in the Rivervale area. Their presence at the practice site, be it rain or shine, will motivate us more and hopefully more people will be encourage to participate in this form of exercise.

Disclaimer: The materials provided herewith are intended for reference by Waidangong [ 外丹功 ] trained students. The author is not responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any injury which may occur through following the descriptions while practicing Waidangong [ 外丹功 ].