Waidangong Movement 6 - 外丹功第六式

Waidangong is originated from China and is a kind of peaceful Chinese Qi Gong Exercise based upon the philosophy of Moralist and Chinese medicine.

Waidangong Movement 6 - 外丹功第六式

Waidangong Movement 6: Crossed-Arms Trembling - 外丹功第六式 雙手合十安神功 Waidangong 外丹功 Movement 6 also known as Crossed-Arms Trembling, 外丹功第六式 - 雙手合十安神功, this movement coordinates the fingers, improves circulation, increases lung capacity, clears the throat, and as a result, gives you a peaceful mind.

Waidangong Movement 6 - 外丹功第六式 Main Points:

Crossing the arms will calm one's mind. As well as harmonize one's heart and lungs.

Waidangong Movement 6 - 外丹功第六式 Method:

1: The feet remain in the positions of the previous movement.

2: The knees are slightly bent.

3: Cross the arms in front of the chest with the right arm inside the left arm and the hands at 90 degrees to the forearms, fingers apart.

4: Spread the fingers outward nine times to stimulate original Qi, which will make the arms and hands tremble as if charged with electricity. Duration: 30 seconds or more.

5: Repeat 3: and 4: with the right arm outside the left.

Disclaimer: The materials provided herewith are intended for reference by Waidangong 外丹功 trained students. The author is not responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any injury which may occur through following the descriptions while practicing Waidangong 外丹功.