Waidangong Movement 5 - 外丹功第五式

Waidangong is originated from China and is a kind of peaceful Chinese Qi Gong Exercise based upon the philosophy of Moralist and Chinese medicine.

Waidangong Movement 5 - 外丹功第五式

Waidangong Movement 5: Vertical Arm-Stretching - 外丹功第五式 仙人托天按地功 Waidangong 外丹功 Movement 5 also known as Vertical Arm-Stretching, 外丹功第五式 - 仙人托天按地功, this movement makes the arms and shoulders supple, broadens the chest, and strengthens eyesight.

Waidangong Movement 5 - 外丹功第五式 Main Points:

Relax the arms and shoulders to make them flexible. Broad on the chest and clear the stomach and intestines.

Waidangong Movement 5 - 外丹功第五式 Method:

1: The feet remain in the positions of the previous movement.

2: The arms hang down naturally.

3: Raise the left hand in front of the chest, palm down and fingers apart.

4: Place the right hand in front of the stomach and under the left hand, palm up and fingers apart.

5: Then raise the left hand over the head, palm upwards, and lower the right hand beside the right thigh, palm down.

6: Spread the fingers outward nine times and wait for original Qi to make the arms stretch up and down vertically. Duration:30 seconds or so.

7: Repeat 3:, 4:, 5: ,and 6: with the opposite hands.

Disclaimer: The materials provided herewith are intended for reference by Waidangong 外丹功 trained students. The author is not responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any injury which may occur through following the descriptions while practicing Waidangong 外丹功.