Waidangong Movement 3 - 外丹功第三式

Waidangong is originated from China and is a kind of peaceful Chinese Qi Gong Exercise based upon the philosophy of Moralist and Chinese medicine.

Waidangong Movement 3 - 外丹功第三式

Waidangong Movement 3: Horizontal Arm-Fluttering - 外丹功第三式 翼臂足翹一妙功 Waidangong 外丹功 Movement 3 also known as Horizontal Arm-Fluttering, 外丹功第三式 - 翼臂足翹一妙功, this movement strengthens the arms and legs so as to improve the health of the middle-aged and the elderly.

Waidangong Movement 3 - 外丹功第三式 Main Points:

Extend the arms like wings and push up the toes; Arm trembling benefits the intestines.

Waidangong Movement 3 - 外丹功第三式 Method:

1: The feet remain parallel and they are as wide apart as the armpits.

2:  Extend the arms horizontally to the sides, palms upward and ten fingers spread apart.

3:  Keep the legs straight and stick up the toes.

4: Spread the fingers outward and push up the toes simultaneously. Do this nine times.

5:  Wait for original Qi to make the arms tremble. There will be a current of Qi like electricity running from the left hand to the right and back. Do this for about 30 seconds. At the end lower the toes.

Disclaimer: The materials provided herewith are intended for reference by Waidangong 外丹功 trained students. The author is not responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any injury which may occur through following the descriptions while practicing Waidangong 外丹功.