Waidangong Movement 8 - 外丹功第八式

Waidangong is originated from China and is a kind of peaceful Chinese Qi Gong Exercise based upon the philosophy of Moralist and Chinese medicine.

Waidangong Movement 8 - 外丹功第八式

Waidangong Movement 8: Waist Turning - 外丹功第八式 : 迂迴轉帶大妙功 Waidangong 外丹功 Movement 8 also known as Waist Turning - 外丹功第八式 迂迴轉帶大妙功, this movement activates the Qi around the waist and strengthens the kidneys and backbone.

Waidangong Movement 8 - 外丹功第八式 Main Points:

Turning the waist makes the hands and legs nimble;

Circulation will improve and Qi will flow everywhere.

Waidangong Movement 8 - 外丹功第八式 Method:

1:  After doing the previous movement, keep the hands in front of the chest and turn the palms down.

2: Then move the hands level with the waist, palms still down, and the arms form an oval.

3: Push the fingers upward nine times and wait for original Qi to charge the arms and hands and make them tremble.

4: Then move the waist to the left and the right in a turn of 180 degrees.

Disclaimer: The materials provided herewith are intended for reference by Waidangong 外丹功 trained students. The author is not responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any injury which may occur through following the descriptions while practicing Waidangong 外丹功.